The Curved House is a creative agency working primarily for publishers and publishing-related businesses. We design and produce books, build and run websites and come up with great ideas to get your books noticed. We also run various voluntary projects that are extensions of the things we are most passionate about. These include our knowledge base for publishers and authors, the Artypeeps network for creative people working in publishing and the Sober October campaign that debuted this year and aims to support local independent bookshops.

We’ve just launched this website so please bear with us while we adorn and fill it. We’ll be uploading new content continuously and will also shortly launch a free knowledge base for authors and publishers.


Book design and production is at the core of our work. Founder Kristen Harrison has over 13 years experience producing books of all shapes and sizes, and always with an interest in design. Visit the books page to see some of the titles we have worked on recently and contact us on +44 7821 437094 if you’d like more info or a quote. Read more…


We produce websites for publishers and authors and every now and then we extend our services to the third sector on a voluntary basis. We are passionate about bridging the gap between publishing and technology without compromising the wonderful traditions that underpin our industry so much of our digital work tries to find a balance somewhere in the middle. Read more…